Saturday, March 21, 2015

5 Seconds of Summer Concert Tour Dates 2015

There are quite a few reasons to buy 5 Seconds of Summer 2015 tickets for the upcoming concert tour of young pop punks star, whether it's their live energy, hit singles or a top-notch good time.

The 5SoS journey will begin in Europe with a May 4 concert in Lisbon, Portugal, and stretch across the continent for just over five weeks, covering such major points as Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm and more.

The leg's final stop is scheduled as a three-night show in London from June 12-14. Note that much like the majority of this leg, each of the London concerts has been sold out.

The boys will then proceed to rock Australia during the second half of June, covering six major cities, two of which are already sold out.

Finally, a North American tour will follow starting with the July 17 show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The leg's final concert will take place
on September 13 in West Palm Beach, Florida, while the remainder of notable stops includes Houston on August 8, Vancouver on July 25, Seattle on July 24 and more.

Grab your 5 Seconds of Summer 2015 tickets now and see the latest pop sensation in all its glory!

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